“We Are Nashville” became a chant, a slogan, a way of life in this strong and resilient city in May 2010 after a 500-year flood ravaged through all areas of middle Tennessee.  For those who have lived here since then life became about “before and after” the Flood of 2010.  Believe or not, we still hear it today!  When showing, listing, or buying a house people ask, “Did this home or area flood in 2010?”

The flood has defined many a home in and around Nashville – A “yes” to that often asked question means flood insurance is now required but it also means the home has most likely been renovated since 2010.   A “no” means that this home is almost certainly safe from any future flooding!   So many neighborhoods were affected by the Flood of 2010.  Bellevue was one of the hardest hit areas.  Pennington Bend had countless homes damaged.  Antioch, Kingston Springs, Franklin all suffered great loss.

“We Are Nashville” speaks to the spirit and strength of our people.  During that flood, Nashville and its surrounding cities sustained billions of dollars in damage.  Homes and businesses and historic sites destroyed.  And how did the people of Nashville handle it?  With grace, with kindness, and with a volunteer’s heart.  There was no looting, no crime sprees….only neighbors helping neighbors.  There were 29,000 volunteers and $14 million in donations to re-build Nashville.  And we did re-build!

Here we are again, 10 years later, facing tragedy and destruction.   In the wee hours of Tuesday, March 3, 2020 a deadly string of tornadoes ripped through Nashville.  At least 38 buildings destroyed, countless homes flattened, downed power lines and trees toppled.  Again, whole neighborhoods affected.  Germantown, East Nashville, North Nashville, Donelson, Mount Juliet, Hermitage, Lebanon, Cookeville, all suffered massive loss.   Our city once again declared a National Disaster.  And, once again, the people of Nashville have risen up to give their time, money and efforts to helping their neighbors. 

“We Are Nashville” is more than a saying…it is our way of living.  Nashville re-built itself with the help of each other once and we will re-build now!  Because we are more than just strong, we are “Nashville Strong”!

There are many opportunities and ways to help if you are inclined, here are some:

Community Resource Center – reach out to Lindsey@hon.org

Hands on Nashville – www.hon.org

Community Foundations of Middle Tennessee – www.cfmt.org

American Red Cross – www.redcross.org

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