When I get a call to list someone’s home, there is a fine balance between being honest about its need for improvement and being sensitive to a client’s home and décor choices. 

In the past, I have gracefully turned down listings where a seller just wasn’t willing to do some necessary updating to prepare their home for sale… That’s never fun but I want buyers and other agents to know that when I list a house, it’s a beautiful home that will sell quickly.

I’ve teamed up with local interior designer, Jennifer Smith, to bring you a few simple tips you can do to make your home sell fast before putting it on the market.

Hire an Interior Designer

This is a great option if you have the budget. I have several wonderful designers that I love working with, like JLS Designs here in Nashville, who share my vision of style, colors and décor. They always know exactly what a home needs in order to sell fast!

Photo and design: JLS Designs

Photo and design: JLS Designs

Update Your Wall Colors

This is a great start that will refresh the look of a home. It’s almost always necessary if the house is five or more years old.  Thanks to HGTV and many other real estate shows, it’s easy to know what is trending in color and what is coming up in the near future for home design. 

Change Out Your Kitchen Backsplash

Changing out kitchen backsplash if the current one is outdated.  This is a simple update that can really change the look of a kitchen. It can improve the whole look without breaking the bank. 


Photo: Home Depot

Photo: Domino Magazine

Give your Cabinets a Fresh Coat

of Paint

 Jennifer, from JLS Designs, also reccomendes painting the cabinets if they are dated or showing wear and tear. Updates to the kitchen and the master bath will most likely yield top dollar.

Change Out Dated Light Fixtures 

Changing out light fixtures to something more updated and modern is a great way to transform the entire look of a room. 

Photo: Domino Magazine

Photo: Armadillo & Co.

Depersonalize Your Space

Jennifer also always reccomends removing the clutter and depersonalizing your home before selling.  You want potential buyers to walk into your home to feel that they can easily make it theirs. Remember that less is more, it may not feel like home to you but your buyer needs to be able to see past your personal effects! 

Take Down or Fix any dated window treatments. 

Another key piece of advice from Jennifer, interior designer at JLS Designs, includes making sure that your current window treatments show no sign of wear and tear. If dear Scout the pup has chewed the corners of the blinds, I would encourage you to replace or remove them.

Photo and Design: JLS Designs

Photo and Design: KatrinaLeeChambers.com

Tune Up Landscaping for Curb Appeal

Landscaping is always a good choice to update the look of the home and give a buyer a great first impression.  If the outside of your home looks beautiful and clean, a buyer knows that you most likely have taken great care of all parts of it.

Paint the Front Door

This is an easy update that can make a big impact on curb appeal.

Photo and Design: Kylie M. Interiors

Overall, small changes can make a huge impact on the value of your home and help to make your home sell fast and for maximum value.

When selling, the ultimate goal is to make your home stand out amongst the competition.  Selling your home for the best price in the quickest timeframe is a win-win for all sellers!

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