As a Realtor, part of my job is to know the city I work in like the back of my hand.  I want to share everything I love about Franklin and Nashville with you!  Below you’ll find realtor tips, things to do in both Franklin and Nashville as well as other information that may help you when choosing your new home.  Thanks for reading!

Is Renting or Buying Better?

“Home is where the heart is”… it isn’t just a cliché, it’s the truth!  Your home is where you build your memories, a family and financial security.  While there are a million factors to consider when thinking about buying vs. renting I will always steer my clients towards buying if they are able.  Below I’ve shared a few reasons why that is!

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10 Ways to Stage Your Home for Free

When The Property Brothers or Chip and Joanna Gaines show off their newly renovated homes to potential buyers they don’t just throw furniture in the house and call it good… No, they stage the home and make sure the items they use complement the house itself.  By doing so, their potential buyers fall in love with the property! 

I know not all of us have the deep pockets of an HGTV home makeover show but there are plenty of FREE ways to stage your home so buyers see the beauty and the potential of your space.  After helping countless clients prep their homes for walkthroughs, I’ve learned a handful of tricks that will help you stage your home for free.

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Best Rooftops in Nashville

Temps are heating up and forcing many of us indoors; however, for those looking for a little sun while they enjoy a cold cocktail I've put together a list of the best rooftops in Nashville for you to enjoy!  Did we miss one of your favorites?  Tell...

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