What did you get accomplished during the “safer at home” order?  Being a Realtor means things have slowed quite a bit… I’m used to meetings, showings, and closings filling my days but over the past few months things have been a bit different!

I’ve used my time to go through all the drawers and cabinets in my house and purge, organize and clean.  I couldn’t believe how many “pen drawers” I had!   Who needs that many pens?  I also found eye shadows from the 80s!  Once I knocked out the drawers I started on my cabinets…  I organized my spice cabinet first and debated between organizing them alphabetically or by spice type!  (P.S. I went with organizing by spice type!)

I also used my time in quarantine to try new recipes and experiment with cooking new food.  I made a really good seafood ramen and also tried to perfect linguine and clams (my favorite meal I ate in Italy).  I also made a tuna poke that turned out awesome and I whipped up my very first paella!

My favorite thing I’ve done so far has been talking on the phone with old friends.  I spent time talking to my sister and brother every week.  In a world when texting is the go-to mode of communication it was really nice to talk on the phone and really laugh out loud (LOL!)

I also discovered podcasts!  I really loved the Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations.

All of those great things aside, the best thing to happen while staying home was the adoption of our new puppy!  Yup – I am now a 4 dog mom!  Staying home seemed like the perfect time to house train a puppy!  I have been walking around my neighborhood with the dogs…the new puppy and the oldest dog get to ride in style in a dog stroller while the two middle dogs walk along side.  I loved seeing everyone’s trees in bloom and all the flowers that popped up during spring.  It actually inspired me to plant some flowers at my house!  I bought four gorgeous peony bushes from Mark Bates Landscaping and Garden Center and planted them outside my kitchen window.  I also had a wonderful neighbor split her hostas with me – I planted six of them in my front yard.

While I haven’t been able to work during these crazy times I have been in touch with all my past clients.  A few weeks back I hand delivered organic cleaning wipes to everyone – dropping them off on their front porches as to assure safety for all!

I have tried to stay productive, safe, and sane but I am really ready to get back to “normal” life.  I miss my friends and family and I miss restaurants and I desperately miss the nail and hair salons!

I miss working with buyers and sellers and I miss seeing houses in person.  I also really miss meeting clients over coffee to discuss their hopes and needs.

I cannot wait to get back into my real estate office and help old and new clients make their dream of a home come true.  Hopefully that means meeting with you soon!  If you would like to chat after things return to normal please reach out!  We can also set up a video chat if you would like to get started sooner than that.  I look forward to hearing from you!

XO, Kristine

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