In 1988 I was newly married to an Army officer and having my first Thanksgiving away from my family.   We had relocated to Monterey, California and lived on an Army base far away from either of our families.   There were so many of us in the same situation…young and unable to go home for the holidays.  I decided to host a Thanksgiving dinner for anyone who would otherwise be alone, I called it “Misfits Thanksgiving!” 

Soldiers, neighbors, and new friends were all invited to spend the day with us.  If they wanted a dish that was a special tradition to their family they were encouraged to bring that to share.  I made all the traditional dishes to my family’s Thanksgiving.   I couldn’t promise a perfect turkey and smooth mashed potatoes, as this was my first ever attempt, but I could promise a warm home and a day of laughter and fun and gratitude. 

Everything turned out great and a tradition was born!  I would host “Misfits Thanksgiving” every other year (the opposite years I would go home to spend the holiday with my family!)  When I moved to Nashville I was again surrounded by people who were all new to town and had no family close by to share the holidays with.  “Misfits Thanksgiving” became a day that friends looked forward to sharing together!

I became a real estate agent in 2006 and began working with buyers who were relocating to Nashville.  So many of these “clients” became dear friends and because they were away from their homes many of them spent Thanksgiving with me and all the misfits! 

I have perfected my turkey and mashed potatoes and whether we have 12 or 20 friends over I always make room at my table!

If you are relocating to Nashville I would be honored to help you find your home here and to have you join us for Misfits Thanksgiving!

What are your Thanksgiving traditions?

XO, Kristine