Timing the Sale of Your Home


One of the most common questions I get when someone is thinking about selling their house is:  “WHEN is the best time to sell a house?”

It’s not a simple answer and one that definitely has many answers that could be right.

Generally, the “busy” time for real estate in Nashville is the spring.  Families who are relocating have to consider school schedules, so shopping in the spring will get them in their new home in time for the new school year.  However, the flood of homes being listed in the spring can mean more competition for your listing and that can be frustrating.

One school of thought is to list your home in the winter because there is less “competition” with fewer homes on the market.  There is another thought that states that buyers who are out looking in the winter tend to be more serious and ready to make offers quicker.

In my opinion, the best answer to the question of WHEN to list your home is to list it when it’s ready!  When it has been cleaned, repairs made, freshly painted and small renovations have been done to make your home the most appealing resale on the market!  Pricing your home correctly and making sure your home 100% ready to be seen by buyers is more important than the time of year you are selling.

If you are thinking of selling your home and live in the Nashville or Franklin area, please give me a call!  I would love to help you get it ready and price it right for the fastest and least amount of stress possible!

XO, Kristine


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